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2012-01-22 02:25 pm

Friends only

My journal is mostly friends only, but I am not adverse to adding people. I do post public entries from time to time but those mostly have to deal with scifi tidbits.

More than likely you are here for one of the following reasons.

1. You like my photo/cinema work and want to see more. (to view my public gallery, click here)
2. You are a friend/acquaintance of mine and you want to enjoy my online musings.
3. You were given a vision that I am the messiah and you wish to learn how to live a good life.

If any of the above are true and you wish to be added, please respond here. Please specify if you would like to be put on my photo filter, random musings or both.

I also love the cinema. To view my movie library click here

Here is a little quote that I feel sums me up pretty much. If you get at least a chuckle from this quote, you will enjoy my work.

It seems to me, in brief moments of clarity, that the only way to proceed is with a tub of popcorn, a good seat and a willingness to be surprised, delighted, horrified, amused and/or bored as I watch the play unfold, while simultaneously being grateful having been given a bit part. The upside to this way of thinking is increased compassion for the other bit players, a sense of perspective as to one's true size, and a release from suffering. The downside, as previously stated, is the way of thinking is brief and I spend most of my time complaining bitterly that the popcorn does not have the real butter flavoring.

-Chuck Lorre, 2002

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2011-02-24 11:49 am

Place holder

first post. This will eventually become an extension of my regular movie blog ( and my own personal musings.
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2010-12-19 05:09 pm

(no subject)

One of my family's favorite movies and part 4 of my modern Christmas Film Trilogy* I give you some of my favorite scenes from Better Off Dead

Two dollars.

Oh Badger. Such a misunderstood ginger.

[Howard Cosell accent] Language lessons.


Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky

Now that's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that.

*The modern Christmas Film Trilogy

1. The Ref
2. Scrooged
3. Die Hard

4. Better Off Dead
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2010-07-16 12:59 pm

(no subject)

I will be the first to admit...I am 35 and I love building with Lego. My collection is respectable (but not huge) and I do have most bits sorted to smaller bins. But I still love the "giant pile of Lego piece search" that we all did as kids. However, I can't sit on the floor and do that for hours anymore. So its time I use my other building skills and make myself a proper Lego build station.

Here is my concept:

1. A 4'x4' table set to couch sitting height. That way I can enjoy a classic movie or show while building.
2. Have a large spinning table top so I can search through and reach pieces in the big pile
3. Have an assembly area to work in.

So I whipped up these renders to give its concept form:

This is from the top. While seated at the couch, one or two people could comfortably share this table to build off of. The spinning middle of the table sits flush with the outer table for smooth piece sliding between the two. Entire surface will probably be covered in melamine.

Here is the underside view showing the support structure for the turn table mechanism (grey circle in the middle) The long bottom legs will give this table the balance it needs to be supported by just the back vertical legs.
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2010-05-12 02:20 pm

(no subject)

After one great one (Blade Runner)
many noble attempts, but ultimately not that great (Imposter, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly)
and many terrible productions (Paycheck, Minority Report, Next)

are we finally going to get another well done Philip K Dick adaptation?

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2009-10-08 12:56 pm

(no subject)

Todays moment of Zen:

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2009-07-16 03:46 pm

(no subject)

Cross posted to fbook.

Taught myself google sketchup today and designed this new entertainment center.

(click for larger view)

The silver thingies in the front will be metal poles to hold up the front of the shelf. The walls and shelves will be 3/4" birch ply reclaimed from the old entertainment center. I will trim it out with poplar (and the back support beam will be as well) The big whole in the front is for the subwoofer, each shelf will hold a component (or two) Wii and router will sit on the top. And you cant see it in this pic, but the vertical support beam in the back will go all the way to the floor. Will probably also have some amount of cord management on the back.
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2009-05-28 12:58 pm

(no subject)

we once again bring you another chapter in the ongoing saga of "Conversations between Akbar and Old Man Murphy"

Akbar: Is Iron Man SciFi?

Murphy: well, it's not exactly sword-and-sorcery, but it's certainly more sci-fi than Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Akbar: hell... Oklahoma was more Scifi than 7B47B

Akbar: Shit... I think I just predicted Hollywood is going to re-imagine a modern Seven Brides...

Murphy: Only its set Utah!! Brigham Young Pictures presents: SEVEN BRIDES FOR THREE BROTHERS

Akbar: so every brother gets 2 wives and the seventh is a floater?

Murphy: sure, why not

Akbar: Why stop there... lets make the remake of the century: Seven Brides for three Brothers go to Four Weddings and a Funeral while driving Two Fast and Two Furious

Murphy: I'll SEE you, and raise you two brides and a funeral!

Akbar: 9B43B-4W&2F-2F2F?'s like i'm giving a title to a young George Lucas!


Akbar: This practically writes itself. Lemme whip up a draft tonight and this time tomorrow Hollywood will be banging down our door.
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2009-03-23 09:34 am

(no subject)

For those who have seen the BSG finale. You may want to read This interview with the RDM, David Eick, Eddie Olmos and Mary McDonnel

BUT DON'T READ IT UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE FINALE. There are some great bits in there and answer some questions that may still linger.

For those who wish to discuss the show with me, please use this thread to do so. Warning, I will not hold any spoilers back in discussions.
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2009-03-14 02:56 pm

(no subject)

In honor of pie day, I give you the Pi song:

(please ignore the Doctor Who music at the beginning)

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2009-03-04 03:01 pm

(no subject)

In stuff that I should have known but am totally surprised when I found out:

Kate Vernon who plays Ellen Tigh on the awesome Battlestar Galactica.

She is the daughter of Dean Wormer.

aka John Vernon

So does that mean the Cylons are on Double Secret Probation?

(side note for even more Animal House/BSG connections: when I was a kid... I thought Tim Matheson and Richard Hatch were brothers)
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2009-03-02 10:13 am

(no subject)

In other wood news. I made this lovely device this weekend.

Was going to a sushi party and was bringing my beef tataki. I knew I would want my own knife for cutting so I built this for transport. The sides are Brazilian cherry, the top/bottom poplar.

more pics under cut )
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2009-03-02 08:00 am

(no subject)

Slightly impractical for normal day to day life, but this house is pretty cool

More pics and information here:
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2009-02-21 09:24 pm

(no subject)

I love playing Fridge Tetris.
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2009-02-03 08:41 am

(no subject)

Oh Robot Chicken, you continue to make me smile.

I give you, Le Wrath Di Khan the first ever Star Trek Opera.

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2009-01-06 12:29 pm

(no subject)

This will only make sense if you have ever seen Speed Racer (original series or the recent movie) or are at least familiar with the formula therein.

Within the realm of Speed Racer there are two characters. Spritle and Chim-Chim.
Original Anime Version:

Live Action Version:

From Wiki: Spritle (the younger brother of Speed Racer) constantly gets into mischief, along with his pet chimpanzee Chim-Chim, and the two frequently hide together in the trunk of Speed's race car, the Mach 5.

So you have this kid who idolizes his older brother. He always wants to be in the action and is always accompanied by his Chimp friend.

After viewing the recent movie version (and remembering the original series from when I was a kid) I had an epiphany about these two characters.

Spritlle is a child with some serious ADD (even borderline mental deficiency*) and Chim-Chim is his helper Monkey.

Things make alot more sense in the world of Speed Racer when seen through this perspective.

*[ profile] isis_page is that a correct term?
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2008-11-20 02:30 pm

(no subject)

I have a few topics that will all get covered in my movie blog, I am just unsure where to go at this point. Please help me decide:

[Poll #1301099]
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2008-11-17 09:16 am

(no subject)

Just Another Movie Geek Blog presents:

Bond Follow up! )
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2008-11-14 08:03 am

(no subject)

The final entry for "The Only 5 Bond Films you need to see"

For Your Eyes Only, 1981 )
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2008-11-13 08:00 am

(no subject)

Part four in the ongoing series "The Only 5 Bond Films you need to see"

The Living Daylights, 1987 )