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Part three in the ongoing series "The Only 5 Bond Films you need to see"

On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969 )
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For those wanting to be on the filter to get my movie blog in your LJ (if you didn't vote on it yesterday) please comment here and I will add you to the filter.

Thank you.
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And now the second entry in our series on the only 5 Bond films you need to see:

(these posts will continue to be fully presented in my LJ and over at my new movie blog, future movie content will be just on the new blog)

Thunderball, 1965 )
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I've got a new blog.

So I have decided to make a new blog to supplement my normal LJ one.

My LJ will continue to be my personal space and not much will change here at all. My new blog will be primarily focusing on movie/tv stuff. Reviews, news I find interesting, and the such that are in the realm of the entertainment I like will be discussed.

My new blog is here:

I have named it such since there are all ready a plethora of such blogs out there so mine is "just another movie geek blog"

So my regular LJ readers I ask you, if you would like to read this blog how would you like to see it?

[Poll #1294845]
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In celebration of the new Bond film coming out this week, I am presenting to you my full theory of the 5 Bond films you need to see. I postulate if you accept Bond as a cornerstone of Modern Mythology, there are only 5 films you need to see to get the core essence of the Bond archetype. Any other Bond films can be viewed of course (except for the 5 Bond films you should NEVER see, but thats a different theory) but these 5 are the core 5. These 5 films help define hie overall character throughout his entire life and show us the true side of James Bond.

To accept this theory one must throw a few things out the window. The character has been around on film for over 46 years now and in print longer. So the first thing one must accept is chronological differences. Obviously if the character was real, that 46 years he could not have been working the whole time and technology jumps around. The second thing to accept is any continuity issues with characters. Multiple different persons playing Bond and other characters has to be thrown aside already in the Bond world, for our purposes one must do so as well.

Each presentation will use both video and images to help justify each films placement (and to just generally geek about Bond lore.) Each presentation also contains spoilers for each film. So if you haven't seen any of the films and want to, please skip that entry.

So enough blathering. On with the first film:

Casino Royale-2006 )
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From my archives:

Old edit I did of the BMW Driver film "Star" (Directed by Guy Ritchie, Starring Clive Owen and Madonna)
Song: Satisfaction Benny Benassi

You can see the original film here
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Picture 501b
Originally uploaded by SIMAFOL
[ profile] sokkmonkey, I think this guy has us beat.

Man builds a wearable Boba Fett costume, out of lego.

Full gallery here
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Massive Construction Update:

She is done. Kinda. )
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So we have been really busy the last three days, but as things always seem to go...things are taking longer than expected.

For pics and details, click away... )
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We focused on the deck today and got the framework all laid out. This deck is going to be awesome.

Here is the framework viewed from just inside the house through the new sliding glass door:

Tomorrow we lay out the decking (Trex Composite "Brasilia-Caynne") and it should be 80-100% done with the deck by the end of the day.
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We are once again stuck not being able to go forward on the garage (waiting for the trusses) so we have decided to dive into the deck.

The door disaster I spoke of yesterday has been averted. We managed to find a new slider (in stock even) and picked it up. I even got them to order me a new regular door for the new garage. A quick phone call to the old door shop to cancel the order and had to deal with their fussiness. Ended up having to pay a 20$ restock fee for the second door I had ordered so oh well. Their manager and the BBB will be getting a nice little letter from me explaining my crankiness with the whole situation. I am still pissed off about it but the fact that I have something better now tends to help.

So here is our update. It is starting to look like we are actually accomplishing something.
While I was digging piers on day 8, Dad opened up the wall:

We then opened up the wall this morning and got the slider in:

The amount of light brought in is amazing! We are no longer living in a cave.

After that we got the rest of the foundation laid for the deck.

The decking itself should be delivered tmr morning while we are laying the rest of the framework. If all goes as planned I will be enjoying a fine cocktail on sunday evening on my new awesome deck.
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Work on the garage has hit a slow down. At this point we are waiting on the trusses to come in so we have shifted work to the deck.

Pics and more under cut )
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Garage Construction Day 05.

As we began work this morning we noticed someting was not correct on the front of the garage. For some reason we were two inches off on the right corner of the garage so we had to spend a good two hours fixing it.

Nothing else to update today. All we did after the fix was add the top plates to the frame work and plan out the electrical. Nothing fundamentally added worth taking a picture of. Since we got to this point there wasn't anything else we could do that doesn't require a full days attention so we have quit early.
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Since I had to go into the office yesterday, my Imported Portugese Craftsman (ie My Father) just did planning and did a little bit of work while I was gone. We dove back in head first today and got all of the walls up. This would have gone a bit faster but with the uneven slab we are working with it is a bit time consuming.

Here is the same view from the other day with the walls up now (click for larger version):

a few closeups of the days work )
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Welcome to the daily update of my garage construction. I will be blogging daily (with updated photos) the progression we make on the construction of my new garage.

Day 1- Continued Demo of carport and planned out intial wall and deck (updates later on that.) After a good look at the structure that was left we determined it would be best to rip everything out and start fresh. It was amazing that the shed that is left was built quite well but the carport they originally built off of it was crap.

Day 2-Final demo of carport and construction of first wall. (click on picture to see full size version)

We made the first wall on the existing cinder block wall and will begin on day 3 putting up the rest of the walls. We are on schedule and should have all the walls built by day 4 (including the header for the garage door) and will begin to run new electrical service out. The slab we are working off of is a mess (see the flickr notes for details) so we are going to have to get creative on how we build these walls.
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Music collection creates the soundtrack to your life!

Here's how it works.
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press Play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing; for extra cool points, add descriptions.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

(I will admit that this will be heavily actual movie soundtrack because that is primarily what I am listening to these days)

Opening Credits
Nobody Does It Better- Carly Simon
Theme song from the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me." An honest descriptive song of who I am.

Waking Up
The Real Transported Man-David Julyan
Song played during the film "The Prestige" when Hugh Jackman activated his transmat machine for the first time. Creepily appropriate for waking up to.

First Day at School
McCoy's Insanity-James Horner.
From Star Trek III when Bones is in Spock's quarters losing it after his Vulcan Mind meld.

Falling in Love
Mandala in the Clouds-Bear McCreary
When Starbuck begins to loose it in the clouds before she dies. Heavy taiko drums and strings, perfect for the power of falling in love.

Fight Song
Opening theme-Shaolin Soccer
I swear to god I am not cheating.

Breaking Up
Blade Runner Blues-Vangelis
When Deckard has a scotch on the deck in his apartment reflecting on his life and actions. Again, I am not cheating.

The Council of Elrond-Howard shore
From LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring

Main Titles-Bear McCreary
From the real theme song to Galactica, not that crappy season one US version.

Mental Breakdown
First Confrontation-Danny Elfman
From the first Batman film. When Bats and Jack (before he became Joker) face off. Truncated strings and horns fit nicely into mental loss.

Dagger Society Suite- Raymond Wong
From Kung Fu Hustle when the mandolin playing assassins strike.

Halcyon and on and on-Orbital
To all my SLO family I hope you appreciate the placement of this.

Merlin's Spell-Trevor Jones
Not fair for my wedding: this song is used during the scene when Merlin transforms Uther into his rival so he can have sex with his rivals wife (and of course sire Arthur) in Excalibur.

Birth of a Child
The floating Fat Man-Toto
From the David Lynch Dune score. I just have to laugh at this one.

Final Battle
Yours Truly, 2095- ELO
Its tempo fits enough for a final battle.

Death Scene
Bananna Razor of Love!

Funeral Song
Hologram-Murray Gold
Song played when the Doctor sends Rose away in the TARDIS to save her life. When the hologram plays the message of the doctor and he tells Rose to "have a good life" never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

End Credits
The Massacre-Jerry Goldsmith
From Total Recall when the rebels are being killed.
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A moment of silence please.

Legendary makeup and special effects guru Stan Winston has passed on.

No other single man has had his hand in helping create some of cinemas most unique and awesome experiences. Even today in the age of "lets CGI everything" the man still managed to do something practical and in camera to amazing results. You will be greatly missed.
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ok, this is cool:

Lego used to fill cracks in a small village in Italy:

More here:
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I don't usually do the whole political thing in my blog.

I did have to pass this one on though. In what I can only guess is a "grab for as many voters as you possibly POSSIBLY can" move; Clinton, Obama and McCain are all appearing on tonights episode of WWE. Yes, professional wrestling.

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