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Just Another Movie Geek Blog presents:

Thank you for enjoying my series on The Only 5 Bond Films You need to see.

A few points:

-You may have noticed a distinct lack of Pierce Brosnan on my list.This is nothing against Pierce, he was a fine Bond, it is just unfortunate that for the most part the scripts were weak and he was just made out to be this indestructible super-agent that could never mess up. A decent action movie most of them were, but they unfortunately offered no real growth as a character for Bond.

-It may appear that since 3 of my 5 films chosen are light on the gadgets that I prefer Bond without the support of Q Branch. I am very torn on the gadget/no gadget issue. On one hand, Bond does appear at his best when he only has himself to rely on, yet the geek in me loves technology and if used properly it has a place. So in the end, gadgets are ok as long as they are not too ridiculous in their existence (invisible car, I am looking at you.)

-I would like to give huge thanks to my wonderful wife who joined me in reviewing all of these Bond films for this endeavor. It was great to enjoy the films with someone who actually hadn't seen some of them before.

Now that all 5 have been listed I would love to hear your thoughts.

1. Do you agree with each film I have chosen to fullfill the qualifications for character growth (beginning, in his prime, losing his love, dealing with loss, acceptance and old age)?
2. Fitting in that criteria, do you think any different film can take any entries place?
3. Do you agree with the overall theory?
4. I will admit that these 5 films also fall into my list of the 5 Best James Bond films as well, what are your top 5?

And of course, we can't make a list of the 5 films you must see without listing the 5 Bond films you must NEVER see (unless of course you just want to see them for completion sake)

In no particular order:

1. Moonraker- trying to capitalize on the Star Wars craze, this film was rushed into production pushing back For Your Eyes Only. The overall plot of stealing Space Shutlles and Bond being in space easily make this one of the worst Bond films ever.
2. You Only Live Twice- This film helped establish the whole cliché "Secret underground Lair" that many super villains fall back to now. Cheesy to the extreme IMO. Plus, it has our very tall and extremely hairy Sean Connery undergoing unconvincing plastic surgery to appear Japanese.
3. Die Another Day- Was Bond even in this movie? I seem to recall seeing Halle Berry on screen more. Plus, an invisible car? Please.
4. A View to a Kill- Great theme song, terrible movie. Waste of Christopher Walken and Roger Moore was way too old to be Bond in this one. He got a huge paycheck out of it so I guess he did all right with it.
5. Never say never again- granted, this isn't an official Bond film but it makes the list. A remake of Thunderball by Kevin McClory, Sean Connery was coaxed back to the role. Unfortunately, the film was terrible.

Date: 2008-11-17 07:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Where does License to Kill fit? Reference to OHMSS notwithstanding?

Date: 2008-11-17 07:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
License to Kill gets a free pass but I will admit my bias towards Dalton goes along way.

While it suffered from a smaller budget, Broccli getting gravely ill during production (which some claim led to some weakness) and some weak points (Semi doing a wheelie, I am looking at you) it gave us a first great glance at a darker Bond. While Daniel Craig is praised for his ruthlessness, Timothy Dalton gave it to us first 20 years ago.

As for fitting in with my list, it can easily be a side note to The Living Daylights. And I would even except it as a substitute for a darker "I don't give a shit about what happens" Bond entry but I just like TLD better.

However, LTK does have Wayne Newton.


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