Jan. 22nd, 2012

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My journal is mostly friends only, but I am not adverse to adding people. I do post public entries from time to time but those mostly have to deal with scifi tidbits.

More than likely you are here for one of the following reasons.

1. You like my photo/cinema work and want to see more. (to view my public gallery, click here)
2. You are a friend/acquaintance of mine and you want to enjoy my online musings.
3. You were given a vision that I am the messiah and you wish to learn how to live a good life.

If any of the above are true and you wish to be added, please respond here. Please specify if you would like to be put on my photo filter, random musings or both.

I also love the cinema. To view my movie library click here

Here is a little quote that I feel sums me up pretty much. If you get at least a chuckle from this quote, you will enjoy my work.

It seems to me, in brief moments of clarity, that the only way to proceed is with a tub of popcorn, a good seat and a willingness to be surprised, delighted, horrified, amused and/or bored as I watch the play unfold, while simultaneously being grateful having been given a bit part. The upside to this way of thinking is increased compassion for the other bit players, a sense of perspective as to one's true size, and a release from suffering. The downside, as previously stated, is the way of thinking is brief and I spend most of my time complaining bitterly that the popcorn does not have the real butter flavoring.

-Chuck Lorre, 2002


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